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Piedmont village  Krivosud – Bodovka used to form two villages in the past, both of them were ruled by one mayor since long ago. This village is situated in the middle of Povazie, between historically important towns Trencin and Beckov. The village area  lies in the valley of Bodovsky brook; on the connection of  north- western edge  of Povazsky Inovec,  and  the Plain of Vah  on the south edge of Trencin Basin of  Povazie Vale.

The important medieval road, leading from Beckov to Trencin, went through the village area. It is mentioned in historical sources from 1208. The history of Krivosud – Bodovka started to be written in 1398, its name  was mentioned for the first time in muniments in this year. Donation list of Zigmund of Luxembourg, from the same year , introduced it like one of the village of huge Beckov properties; which had gained into his ownership the duke Ctibor from Ctiborice. In this written documents only one part of today´s village had been mentioned – it was RAUAZD, which was renamed to Krivosud in 1406. Bodovka had been mentioned in the documents in 1648 for the first time , and it was connected with Krivosud. / Krivoszud cum Doboka /. After The Ctibors´ownership, the Beckov property and also Krivosud – Bodovka were owned by the families – The Banfis / up to 1592 / , and The Revays, later on the village had been divided among several noble families, /  Bosansky, Mikovini, Banoci, Mednansky, Koszeghy and Bereni /.

Village area was not fertile, because it is hilly, and on lower fields the crop was often demaged by river called Vah. Inhabitants of Krivosud – Bodovka grew barley, rye, hemp, flax, oats, peas, but also hop and saffron. They planted also grapes with alternate success. They were successful in growing of fruit trees, and the village was famous for its big crop of cherries. The part of the fruit crop was processed in local destilleri.

With the amount of inhabitants, Krivosud – Bodovka used to belong among medium –large  up to big villages of Trencin province. The village had 344 inhabitants in 1784, it was more than today. At that time,  60 houses with 67 families stayed in the village .

In the middle of 18th century, the citizens built the campanile of tower – type, and its bell comes from year 1777.

Krivosud – Bodovka has also been famous for its cultural activities. The brass music has got more than 100- years -long history. Amateur theatre performances had been known in the past too.

The brass music tradition is still alive and today the brass band called Bodovanka is active here. It celebrated 30- years anniversary of its foundation.

The Slovak Festival of Senior Folk Groups takes place every year in the village since 2003. It takes place in the new cultural and sporting area, and festival is visited by important representatives of cultural and social life.

On 30- years anniversary of Slovak National Uprising, the new monument was built on Skalka in this village, in order to pay the honours to the citizens who did not come back from concentration camps in The Second World War.

We invite you to visit this lovely part of Slovakia and get to know its inhabitants, culture, history and natural beauties.